Sweet pea

First of  all, happy new year! This is my very first post of the year and I am glad to say i do not regret being away as i was busy working on a new project. A project with one head, two arms, two legs and many many organs …. you know what this means right? Yup! I have a baby, a precious little girl. For the purpose of this blog i’ll call her Sweet Pea. She came into my life mid January and has been a blessing ever since. The last few weeks leading up to her delivery were anxious ones, more so because she came 11days after her due date.

I would have loved to share this precious information with you earlier but you see, in the part of the world where i’m from such news is only shared with a select few. One of the main reason things are done this way to protect the mother to be and her baby from evil ones, people you know do not like you or like to hear good news about you or even worse, people that act like they’re happy for you but are actually very bitter. It’s a culture that we’ve developed over time due to experiences people have had. Old fashioned and superstitious I know but I prefer to stick to it. Better save than sorry i would say.

There are so many things that happened over those 9 months. I tried to document it all but in all honesty i  could not catch up. Let me confess, being a mum is all people say and more! It’s stressful but fun and even now i am yet to fully digest that i’m a mom. There’s a feeling of contentment I have just holding her. Even when i’m tired, sleep deprived, tired of being tired and confused about the whole mummy thing, one look at her and I know she’s all worth it.

I will share my mummy experiences from time to time and where possible, give advise on pregnancy, getting back to shape (postpartum fitness) and parenting. Below are a few posts I wrote whilst pregnant. I’ll call it the pregnancy series. Hope you enjoy reading them. Leave comments or questions if you have any and i’ll answer them the best I can.



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Another September – 1st anniversary

A year ago, I got so bored staying at home while in search of my next job that I decided to start a blog. It’s not the best decision I’ve ever made (not the worse either) but it’s one of the boldest and I’m glad I went ahead with it.

I started this blog with the aim of using it as an outlet for my thoughts and adventures (whenever they happened, which is usually like twice a year! horrible i know) and push myself to try new things.

In a way, the blog has helped me achieve this but there is still much left to do. My list of 250 things I want to do before I’m 40 is still there and so far I have only been able to cross out 1 thing; about 3 of the others are work in progress and I can only cross them out when I’m truly done.

It’s been fun and even though I have not been able to travel as much as I hoped I would, my books have taken me to places I’ve never been to before. The White Tiger took me to India, The hundred year old man to Sweden and I had a taste of Russia with the Kreutzer Sonata. I have managed to read just over 10 books and occasionally stumble upon a book I think should be on my list of 250 books. This part of my blog adventure I have enjoyed and it’s the part that has progressed the most.

My adventurous side is still well hidden and like you, I am waiting for the day it’ll be bold enough to come out. The only adventurous thing I was able to do all year was to climb the O2, a feat I am proud of accomplishing. I might not be so scared of heights but I never thought I’d be able to climb the roof of a massive dome tent! I’ve got Dark Chocolate to thank for that ‘cos he bought the tickets.

My HHJ (Healthy Hair Journey) has been a very quiet one; my hair has grown a few good inches since I did the big chop in January this year. For those of you that don’t know what the ‘Big Chop’ is, I cut off all of the relaxed bits of my hair and started growing my natural hair from scratch, hence the name big chop. My hair is a good 4 inches long now and the bald patches that were in the middle of my hair have now slowly been covered with new growth,, although i still have alot of work to do on them. I would have put up pictures but will deter from doing so until I have a full head of hair I am proud to display. In the meantime, I have given the little hints of the things I’ve learnt so far in this post. So there is progress on that front.

My food adventures have suffered. The only adventure I’ve done with cooking is try to cook everyday meals in a different way. So my task of cooking 40 meals from 40 different countries has been left undone. Babe I blame you for this; you’re so fussy with food and you end up not eating new stuff hence discouraging me from putting time/effort in cooking new dishes. Be the lovely Dark Chocolate I know you are and try new things. Please?

On a last note, there is one very big milestone which I have managed to accomplish but cannot talk about now. I will give updates about it much later, it’s something new to me and in every right an adventure. Infact, it is a lifelong adventure.

So that’s how one year of blogging went. Here’s to many more years of successful blogging and more adventures.

Thanks for reading.



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Give her some T-HairL-C

Tender Hair-Loving Care

At the beginning of my hair journey I did a lot of research on growing beautiful healthy hair and was soon overwhelmed with all the information I found. There was so much advice, products and regimens; some people took supplements such as biotin or silica to aid their hair growth, others had a tedious hair ritual spending hours on their hair every week. I was not ready to do any of those so I had to find a way to simplify it all.

I tried experimenting with different products and hair care methods and that left me with a stash of hair products that i did not need. I was exhausted! Something good did come out of all that experimenting. I was able to discover what oils and products my hair liked. Some products people swore by dried out my hair and made it worse while some others made little or no difference to my hair. I discovered it was just the simple natural things that were good for me. I have stuck to using natural unrefined oils on my hair: Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, natural butters e.g. shea butter and a few essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil.

I discovered there are 4 basic rules that must be followed whether your hair is natural (unrelaxed/virgin) or relaxed ( straightened with a relaxer) it is the same principles that are applied. It doesn’t matter so much what hair products you use as long as they work for your hair and you follow the rules.

And what are the rules?

  1. Moisturise; Always make sure you scalp and hair is moisturised. Think of it as being in the desert, you’ll require water to survive. It’s the same with hair, it doesn’t thrive well when scalp is dry. some moisturise everyday, others a few times in a week. It’s your hair, you have to work out what’s best for it.
  2. Deep condition your hair. Give your hair a treat every now and then, revitalise it. Deep conditioning doesn’t come from outside but inside as well… a healthy diet equals healthy hair. Instead of taking supplements for hair growth, why not take the real thing? Eat foods that have those vitamins/minerals/ you’re after.
  3. Handle hair with care, avoid vigorous combing. Treat the hair kindly and don’t go doing hair styles that torture your hair pulling and tugging at every strand.
  4. Protect your hair: Always sleep with a silk scarf. Silk because the silk thread does not break hair strands when it rubs against it unlike most other materials do. Apart from sleeping with a silk scraf another way of protecting your hair is doing protective hairstyles e.g. wraps, buns or braids that will require less manipulation of the hair that can lead to breakage.

As most of the hair bloggers advised, I came up with a regimen of my own using these rules:

Daily: Moisturise hair with coconut oil and/or self made hair spray of oils and conditioner twice a day. ALWAYS tie a scarf before bed

Weekly or whenever I take my braids/weave out: Err…Actually, I do this fort nightly not weekly, I’m too occupied these days to do it weekly. :

  • Pre-poo (preparing hair for shampooing) by covering hair over-night with coconut oil a day before I shampoo.
  • Shampoo hair and deep condition afterwards.
  • Massage scalp and oil hair after deep conditioning.
  • Weave hair or do any other protective styling.

Simples. That’s all!

Simple regimen and my hair remains soft, moisturized and protected throughout the week. Because I do not wash my hair twice a week like I initially used to, I shed much less hair and my scalp is not as irritated/sensitive.

While I try to follow these rules strictly, I am so busy sometimes and do not have the time to take utmost care of my hair but with the little effort I’ve put in following these rules, I’ve noticed a change in my hair. It’s much softer now and easier to manage.

So remember the basic rules, just treat your hair like she’s a queen, love and pamper hair and she’ll return the love with strong healthy locks. Also, don’t forget that because a product is expensive or works for others does not mean it is the best product or that it will work for your hair. Sometimes, a simple, easy regimen with non-expensive natural products is all you need…less is more.


Thank you for reading.


C’est moi,


250 Books – Book #10

The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson


Book Details

the hundred year old man

Pages : 396 pages

Genre:  Fiction


My Thoughts

This has got to be the funniest book I’ve ever read.

The idea of reading a funny book has never appealed to me. I wasn’t out to get a funny book but this one got me laughing from the time I read the title. Guess reading comedy is not so bad afterall when you find the right book.

I remember stumbling upon this book on the Amazon website while on a random search for the next book to read and laughing so hard at the thought of a hundred year old man climbing out of the window and thinking where could he possibly have disappeared to? The title made me curious enough to read the first few pages and I was hooked. I ordered the book, got it a few days later but only got around to reading it over a year later.

The main character, Alan, is a hundred years old and the book takes us through all the adventures he had throughout his 100 years and beyond (he didn’t die in the end, you might even say he was only starting another chapter of his life as he discovered a part of him that he thought was long dead. Read the book and you’ll understand what i mean :))

The book is an absurd story with a mix of comedy and history. The historical bit came in through Alan’s many adventures where he was privileged enough to meet notable world leaders such as Mao, Nixon, Truman and Franco. It was interesting the way the author was able to tie in Alan’s lifestory with the historical events of the twentieth century. It’s safe to say Alan had an influence on the political and history events of the world.

Some people live care-free lives but I doubt anyone is as care-free as Alan. He didn’t worry about anything at all, he took things as they came and had a positive outlook on life. He indeed made lemonade out of the lemons life gave him. He managed to get himself out of the deepest of troubles, most times benefitting from the trouble he’d gotten himself into.

The book is very entertaining and I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants a light, humorous, feel-good read.



Thanks for reading.

250 books – Book #9

84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff


Book Details

84 charing cross

Pages –    230  pages

Genre – Memoir


My Thoughts

This was one of my ventures into reading non-fiction and it was a success.

The book reminded me of how much friendship was highly valued years ago, how easily people trusted each other and how much human relations have degraded now.

The version of the book I read is actually made of 2 books written by the same author, Helene Hanff. The first book, 84 Charing Cross Road is a compilation of letters exchanged between a poor American script writer, Helene Hanff, and an English bookseller,  Frank Doel who worked for a second hand bookshop, Marks & Co that was located on 84 Charing Cross Road, London. The letters cover a 20 year friendship, between 1949 to 1969, that blossomed year after year between Helene and Frank Doel. The friendship extended to the employees at the bookshop as it went from letters requesting for books to accounts of personal experiences and exchange of gifts.

It was a delight to read and follow the friendships as they blossomed. All the while i read the book, I couldn’t help but reflect on how things are the complete opposite now. Then Helene would owe the bookshop money and promise to pay them, they in return would send her books, trusting that she would keep her word and all this was done across continents! In this present day people can’t do the same with people that live in the same town as them!

Written communications – letters and postcards are slowly becoming a thing of the past and people are getting less interested in Classic and Collected works. Unfortunately, I am guilty of this. The last letter I recall writing was to my cousin when I was in my teens. I would write them and give them to his mum who would help me deliver them. I can’t blame myself though, so many other forms of communication have come up since then and it’s hard to do things the old way when there are easier and better ways of doing them now. As for reading classic works, I’m slowly getting myself to enjoy them but I must confess that the diction and language used for some of them are hard to understand and not encouraging at all.

My only sad moment in the book was that Helene and Frank never got to meet. She was never able to save enough to visit and when she did, something would come up and she would cancel her trip. Things continued this way until eventually, Frank died.

The second book, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street is the story of how Helene eventually manages to travel to London for the first time after the success of her book,  84 Charing  Cross Road. Whilst there she is able to meet Frank’s family – his widow and two daughters, visit 84 Charing Cross Road even though the book shop had been closed for years, visit places she had read of, meet some of the people who were touched by her book and make new friends.

I didn’t quite enjoy this book as much as 84 Charing Cross Road but it was good. It is written in the same format as 84 Charing Cross Road, dated letters and notes from her diary. I struggled to finish the book but was glad I read it.

The funny thing is that I haven’t visited 84 Charing Cross Road myself. I was at Charing Cross a few days ago and it crossed my mind to stop and check what was standing there now but it was late and I didn’t have the time. I will have to plan to do that someday and probably write a post on what I discovered.

I would recommend these books to people who enjoy reading and book lovers as it is a book about books 🙂


Thanks for reading.