250 Books – Book #10

The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson


Book Details

the hundred year old man

Pages : 396 pages

Genre:  Fiction


My Thoughts

This has got to be the funniest book I’ve ever read.

The idea of reading a funny book has never appealed to me. I wasn’t out to get a funny book but this one got me laughing from the time I read the title. Guess reading comedy is not so bad afterall when you find the right book.

I remember stumbling upon this book on the Amazon website while on a random search for the next book to read and laughing so hard at the thought of a hundred year old man climbing out of the window and thinking where could he possibly have disappeared to? The title made me curious enough to read the first few pages and I was hooked. I ordered the book, got it a few days later but only got around to reading it over a year later.

The main character, Alan, is a hundred years old and the book takes us through all the adventures he had throughout his 100 years and beyond (he didn’t die in the end, you might even say he was only starting another chapter of his life as he discovered a part of him that he thought was long dead. Read the book and you’ll understand what i mean :))

The book is an absurd story with a mix of comedy and history. The historical bit came in through Alan’s many adventures where he was privileged enough to meet notable world leaders such as Mao, Nixon, Truman and Franco. It was interesting the way the author was able to tie in Alan’s lifestory with the historical events of the twentieth century. It’s safe to say Alan had an influence on the political and history events of the world.

Some people live care-free lives but I doubt anyone is as care-free as Alan. He didn’t worry about anything at all, he took things as they came and had a positive outlook on life. He indeed made lemonade out of the lemons life gave him. He managed to get himself out of the deepest of troubles, most times benefitting from the trouble he’d gotten himself into.

The book is very entertaining and I will highly recommend it to anyone who wants a light, humorous, feel-good read.



Thanks for reading.

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