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At the beginning of my hair journey I did a lot of research on growing beautiful healthy hair and was soon overwhelmed with all the information I found. There was so much advice, products and regimens; some people took supplements such as biotin or silica to aid their hair growth, others had a tedious hair ritual spending hours on their hair every week. I was not ready to do any of those so I had to find a way to simplify it all.

I tried experimenting with different products and hair care methods and that left me with a stash of hair products that i did not need. I was exhausted! Something good did come out of all that experimenting. I was able to discover what oils and products my hair liked. Some products people swore by dried out my hair and made it worse while some others made little or no difference to my hair. I discovered it was just the simple natural things that were good for me. I have stuck to using natural unrefined oils on my hair: Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, natural butters e.g. shea butter and a few essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil.

I discovered there are 4 basic rules that must be followed whether your hair is natural (unrelaxed/virgin) or relaxed ( straightened with a relaxer) it is the same principles that are applied. It doesn’t matter so much what hair products you use as long as they work for your hair and you follow the rules.

And what are the rules?

  1. Moisturise; Always make sure you scalp and hair is moisturised. Think of it as being in the desert, you’ll require water to survive. It’s the same with hair, it doesn’t thrive well when scalp is dry. some moisturise everyday, others a few times in a week. It’s your hair, you have to work out what’s best for it.
  2. Deep condition your hair. Give your hair a treat every now and then, revitalise it. Deep conditioning doesn’t come from outside but inside as well… a healthy diet equals healthy hair. Instead of taking supplements for hair growth, why not take the real thing? Eat foods that have those vitamins/minerals/ you’re after.
  3. Handle hair with care, avoid vigorous combing. Treat the hair kindly and don’t go doing hair styles that torture your hair pulling and tugging at every strand.
  4. Protect your hair: Always sleep with a silk scarf. Silk because the silk thread does not break hair strands when it rubs against it unlike most other materials do. Apart from sleeping with a silk scraf another way of protecting your hair is doing protective hairstyles e.g. wraps, buns or braids that will require less manipulation of the hair that can lead to breakage.

As most of the hair bloggers advised, I came up with a regimen of my own using these rules:

Daily: Moisturise hair with coconut oil and/or self made hair spray of oils and conditioner twice a day. ALWAYS tie a scarf before bed

Weekly or whenever I take my braids/weave out: Err…Actually, I do this fort nightly not weekly, I’m too occupied these days to do it weekly. :

  • Pre-poo (preparing hair for shampooing) by covering hair over-night with coconut oil a day before I shampoo.
  • Shampoo hair and deep condition afterwards.
  • Massage scalp and oil hair after deep conditioning.
  • Weave hair or do any other protective styling.

Simples. That’s all!

Simple regimen and my hair remains soft, moisturized and protected throughout the week. Because I do not wash my hair twice a week like I initially used to, I shed much less hair and my scalp is not as irritated/sensitive.

While I try to follow these rules strictly, I am so busy sometimes and do not have the time to take utmost care of my hair but with the little effort I’ve put in following these rules, I’ve noticed a change in my hair. It’s much softer now and easier to manage.

So remember the basic rules, just treat your hair like she’s a queen, love and pamper hair and she’ll return the love with strong healthy locks. Also, don’t forget that because a product is expensive or works for others does not mean it is the best product or that it will work for your hair. Sometimes, a simple, easy regimen with non-expensive natural products is all you need…less is more.


Thank you for reading.


C’est moi,


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