Sweet pea

First of  all, happy new year! This is my very first post of the year and I am glad to say i do not regret being away as i was busy working on a new project. A project with one head, two arms, two legs and many many organs …. you know what this means right? Yup! I have a baby, a precious little girl. For the purpose of this blog i’ll call her Sweet Pea. She came into my life mid January and has been a blessing ever since. The last few weeks leading up to her delivery were anxious ones, more so because she came 11days after her due date.

I would have loved to share this precious information with you earlier but you see, in the part of the world where i’m from such news is only shared with a select few. One of the main reason things are done this way to protect the mother to be and her baby from evil ones, people you know do not like you or like to hear good news about you or even worse, people that act like they’re happy for you but are actually very bitter. It’s a culture that we’ve developed over time due to experiences people have had. Old fashioned and superstitious I know but I prefer to stick to it. Better save than sorry i would say.

There are so many things that happened over those 9 months. I tried to document it all but in all honesty i  could not catch up. Let me confess, being a mum is all people say and more! It’s stressful but fun and even now i am yet to fully digest that i’m a mom. There’s a feeling of contentment I have just holding her. Even when i’m tired, sleep deprived, tired of being tired and confused about the whole mummy thing, one look at her and I know she’s all worth it.

I will share my mummy experiences from time to time and where possible, give advise on pregnancy, getting back to shape (postpartum fitness) and parenting. Below are a few posts I wrote whilst pregnant. I’ll call it the pregnancy series. Hope you enjoy reading them. Leave comments or questions if you have any and i’ll answer them the best I can.



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